Connecting today and tomorrow


We intend to increase the proportion of renewable electricity that we use from our current level of 50% to 100% by 2015.

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Community Investment

By investing in the communities around our airports we contribute to their, and our, current and future social and economic wellbeing. Education and employment are priority issues for us, as is arts sponsorship.

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Employee Engagement

82% of employees believe that MAG takes its social and environmental responsibilities seriously.

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Climate Change

Climate change is a primary concern for Manchester Airports Group. We are reducing our own emissions and helping our partners to reduce theirs by, for example, promoting public transport and generating renewable energy.

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Customer Service

Humberside was consistently ranked the highest UK airport for overall customer satisfaction in the Airport Service Quality survey in 2009/10.

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Land Use

As the owners and managers of large areas of land, we are committed to protecting and improving the landscape, archaeology and cultural heritage. We also provide and manage habitats for newts, owls and other wildlife.

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Welcome to MAG's first Group-wide sustainability report

Our locations in the UK

As an airport group, we are proud to generate significant economic and social benefits for our local regions. We keep people in touch and businesses connected, provide employment and help to foster a mobile and more equitable society.

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Our Business

The largest UK-owned airport group, we have a strong sustainability strategy.

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Business in the Community Awards 2009


Big Tick awards in 2009 from Business in the Community for our airports' sustainability programmes

Our Performance

This report is aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative's sustainability reporting guidelines.

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