A responsible business is a good business. We provide employment for thousands of people, help people to travel for business or pleasure and support education and regeneration in our regions. Our challenge is to do this in a way that shares these benefits without unacceptable impacts on the environment or our neighbours.

Our Strategy

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy sets out our M.A.G wide commitments to sustainability, how it’s being led from the top of the company and how we are embedding it into everything we do. We’ve set ourselves some challenging targets and the strategy outlines the main actions we will be taking.

Master Planning

We are continually developing and improving our Airports.

Our Airport Masterplans outline how we envisage each site will need to evolve in the future to accommodate changes in passenger numbers, aircraft fleets and how our service partners wish to operate. As part of this we have thought about how we will manage land use, environment, community and ground transport issues in line with our CSR principles.

Executive Committee

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